Trapped, Chapter 1

I am not a shy person. I never have been. But with all that has been happening to me in these last few hours, I think I have a right to be a little nervous and yes, even a little shy.
This will be my first night in boarding school. It is 4:55 pm and at 5:05 I will meet the people that I am going to live with for the next two years.
Miss Gregory gave me a smile that was obviously fake. “The girls should be here any minute now! They are just finishing up in their work stations”
I look at her blankly for a second and then ask, “What is a work section?”
“Oh, you will see soon enough,” she said almost ominously.
I resisted the urge to take a step away from her and look around the room instead. I realize that it has four other beds besides mine. I am a little nervous because I have never shared a room with anyone before because I was an only child.
Suddenly the door opened and a tall girl and a small girl walked into the room. The tall girl had her hand on the small girls shoulder. They both stopped in the doorway and stared at me. The small girl then stared at the floor obviously shy.
“Girls,” Miss Gregory began “This is Piper and I expect you to be kind to her. Her mother just died so she is a little upset.”
I stared at her in shock. My mother hadn’t died!
I opened my mouth to protest but I was cut off by the tall girl. “Hi I’m Jade!” She grabbed the small girl’s hand and pulled her over to me. The tall girl, Jade, hugged me which took me off guard making me forget my protests. “This is Brooke,” Jade informed me, gesturing to the small child.
Miss Gregory stepped up closer to Jade and looked her in the eye. “Brooke can speak for herself. Right Brooke?” She asked turning towards Brooke.
Brooke looked at Jade and then at the floor again.
Angry, Miss Gregory grabbed Brooke’s hair and yanked it up causing the girl to yelp and stand on her toes. “Right Brooke?” Miss Gregory repeated pulling harder on Brooke’s hair. “Yes ma’am!” She said loudly, tears running down her face.
Miss Gregory realized Brooke’s hair and Brooke rubbed her head and leaned on Jade. Miss Gregory leaned towards Jade and whispered something in her ear. Jade’s face remained expressionless as she nodded.
Miss Gregory turned back towards me and put that fake smile back on her face again. “If you have any questions, you can talk to Mrs. Hales. She is the principal of this school. And she is also what this school is named after. Mrs. Hales Boarding School For Girls.”
“But I thought you said this school was government run,” I said.
“Yes but Mrs. Hales works for the government and she very kindly offered to be in charge of this school. You see, this school doesn’t cost anything to go to, but we don’t except just anybody. It is almost like an orphanage except we don’t put you up for adoption, we make you in to strong working young woman.”
“But I am not an orphan!” I say quickly, “My father is in the war and in two years when his term is over, he is going to come get me!”
“Yes but in the mean time, you will go here. Not everybody here is a complete orphan. Several girls parents are here because one or both of their parents are fighting in the war. But some are orphans because their parents died or because they were not wanted any more.” She looked at Brooke and said, “Brooke’s parents decided having a child meant they couldn’t do some of the the things they wanted any more so they didn’t want her. She was to big of a burden to them. They left her here.”
Brooke, who had just stopped crying, buried her face in Jade and began crying again.
Miss Gregory pivoted and walked to the door. “Jade will tell you everything you need to know. The other girls will be here soon.” She opened the door and left, slamming it shut behind her.
I turned to Jade and Brooke and watched the little girl sob. I couldn’t believe that Miss Gregory could be so cruel as to pull her hair and to say that her parents didn’t love her anymore.
Jade gave me a half smile. I gave her a half smile back. I stared at Brooke again and that was when I noticed bruises on her cheek. I saw that she also had some bruises on her arm and a big awful looking bruise on her leg.
“What happened to her?” I asked worried.
Jade gave me a confused look. I pointed at Brooke’s arm and Jade replied to me, “The cook beat her because she dropped a dish and it broke.”
I stared at her in shock. “That is abuse!” I exclaimed.
Jade nodded her head. “Yeah, but that’s normal here.”
I stared at her in disbelief.
She turned away from me and began to talk softly to Brooke. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Shh, it’s okay now Brookie, it’s alright.”
So. This was my life for the next two years. Lovely.


Alphabet Poem

So, I was trying to figure out what to write today and I remembered how I wanted to write a poem every week. Well, all of you guys probably know how that turned out. But now that I have more time and their is somewhat less “drama” in my life I am going to try it again. I am doing the whole alphabet so it is going to sound a little weird. (<>) Here it goes!

Adam was washing his car when

Behind him, he heard his

Cat meowing loudly!

Derick was the cat’s name.

Every day at 11:00, the cat meowed asking to be

Fed his lunch.

Greg, Adam’s brother, was supposed to feed him but

He always seemed to “forget”

It wasn’t fair having to do all of the work,

Just because Adam was to nice to let the cat starve.

Karl, his other pet, (who was a dog ,Adam was a dog person)

Loved Adam very much and

Much to Adam’s dismay, followed him everywhere.

Once, he followed him to school, and

Pushed down one of the kids, it was

Quite funny actually,

Really quite funny.

Still, he was a nusense.

Though his dog was annoying, Adam loved him and he always would

Until the day he died.

Very much, Adam loved Karl.

With all of his heart.

Xcept that one moment when Karl

Yelped in Adam’s ear when he was sleeping.


Memory Lane

Apparently there is no hope for me, I am going down memory lane. Now I will relive all of the sad memories, the happy memories, the funny ones, the um.. un-funny ones, and the ones that are just plain ironic.

Now I am remembering about a girl.  She was in my youth group, remeber the one I talked about in my other memory? Funny Advice? I remember that girl like I just saw her yesterday. …..

She never believed me when I told her she was pretty. She was just a regular teenager, but for some reason, I liked her. I remember that I wanted to be just like her. I really looked up to her, though, I would never tell her that. 🙂

She liked to wear jeans and a tee-shirt. I thought she looked like a model.

She had glasses. To me, it just made her beautiful eyes stand out. (In a good way)

She was athletic. I thought she was WAY better and faster than any super hero.

There were other things like her hair, height, sense of humor, the list could go on, and on. The point is, I really liked her.

The problem was, she wasn’t such a big fan of me.

But that’s life for you.

Funny Advice

Ah. A memory from my youth.

One night at my youth group, I was picking a fight with a girl twice my size and almost three years older than me. One of the guys, he is 19 so he is almost out of the youth group, pulls me aside and tries to reason with me that this is not  one of my best ideas. The dialogue pretty much went like this.

Him, “Listen, you should just let it go!”

Me, “But-”

Him, “No, no, listen to me. I am telling you now that she can beat the crap out of you.” I never use that word but he said it in such a funny way that I forgave him for saying it.

Me, “You don’t understand!”

Him, trying to bribe me into behaving, “Listen, I am going to be a youth helper soon so if-”

Me, “Oh shush!”

Him, “Did you just shush me?!?!? I just said that I was going to be be a helper in the youth group soon!”

This is a true story guys. 🙂

Me, “Um, no! You don’t get it! She licked me!” Literally, she licked my hand with her tongue. I have no idea why.

Him, “Wait, she licked you! That is so wrong!”

Me, “I know! That was what I was trying to tell you!”

We walk inside the building.

To this day, she still hates me. So sad. 😦


My Love Left (Not just a sappy romance)

I was in love.

It was not a typical love.

He was different.

He didn’t speak.

When he ran, his hair bounced.

He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, but I knew.

He had problems at home.

He ran off before we could ever talk.

Everyday, it was the same.

No matter.

He would be mine soon.

But, alas!

I was wrong!

For it was too late.

For months I waited.


I wanted to see him again.

However, There was no hope;

I woke up.

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, but Names Will Always Hurt Me.

The laughs,

the hate,

the way they

point and


They all pretend,

that nothing’s wrong

but start again

once I’m not



My hate

and my sadness

have left me

through my


Now nothing’s left,

well, nothing except,

to go and

face my



I need to see

if he thinks of me

just like

the others


To see if he thinks

that I am

just a

silly little flirt



I approach

for we’re alone

but not

for long


And every time

I open my mouth,

he exits

the room quite



So, for now,

I’ll ask around

and see

what others


I’ll wait for the day

that I might be able

to get

that boy to


Up the Hill

Up the hill is a place where no one goes.

Up the hill is a place that no one speaks about.

Up the hill is a place where nothing grows.

Up the hill is a place where there is nothing that breaths.

Up the hill is a place where there are grave stones.

Up the hill is the place where my family lays.

P.S: Don’t worry, my family is not actually dead, it is just for the poem. 😀