Trapped-Chapter 3

Carli cocked her head to the side. “But in your story, you said that your mother said that the doctor said that your mom would be all right in a couple of weeks! So why did Miss Gregory say that she wouldn’t be able to take care of you anymore?”

“I. I. I don’t know. I can’t figure that part out!”

We sat quietly for a few moments trying to figure it out.

Jade broke the silence first by saying, “We have to get busy now.”

Jade stood up and then gave her hand to Brooke and helped her up. Jade stepped over to her bed and began feeling around her mattress. I looked at Rose. “What’s she doing?”

“She’s looking for our secret-”

“Rose!” Carli snapped. “Don’t be a blabbermouth.”

Rose blushed. “I didn’t mean to. I mean, I just thought that. I mean, I was just thinking that-”

“I’m not looking for anything; I’m just trying to smooth out my bed. Miss Gregory came in here and our room is not in the best shape right now.” Jade said gesturing around the room “Our beds are sloppily made, our suitcases are sticking out from under our beds, and someone knocked the lamp cover off of the lamp and onto the floor. Guess what? It’s still there! If she hadn’t been so distracted with Brooke, then we would have been in big trouble. We have got to be more careful! We don’t want a repeat of last month do we?”

I watched as everyone shook their heads.

“What happened last month?” I asked

They all looked around at each other. Then Rose said, “We were breaking a rule and um.. Our room looked un-satisfactory and they punished Jade as an example to us. She had to spend the day in the basement working.”

“Oh.” I said.

“yeah…” It was silent for a moment.

Then Jade said, “So, shall we clean now?”

Everyone scrambled to get to work. I asked, “What should I do Jade?”

Jade thought for a moment before saying, “You should un-pack. That bed is yours over there.” She pointed to a bed that was almost right beside another bed. It was about a foot or so away from that bed. I walked over to it and began un packing my first suitcase. The bed had four small cubbies attached to it, so I assumed they were mine. I was putting some of my clothes in the cubby when Jade told me,

“You won’t need those clothes so much, we have a uniform.”

I stared at Jade and asked her, “How come you aren’t wearing a uniform?”

“That’s because I was working. At my work station.”

“Oh.” I replied. “But I will need some of them?”

Yes, I just meant that you won’t need them to much. You may not even need to change for your work station.”

I nodded. “So, what is a work station?”

Jade was about to answer, but we were interrupted by a scream.

“Brooke!” Jade yelled running towards across the room and into a room that was apparently a bathroom.

I followed her and nearly ran into her when she stopped in the doorway. I peered around her shoulder and gasped. There was a guy in the closet of the bathroom.



Trapped, Chapter 2

I stood awkwardly, unsure of what to do. I thought that maybe I should unpack my two bags but I felt weird doing it while a little girl cried.
The door burst open making me jump. I watched as two girls stepped into the room with pale faces.
“That was close-” The first girl began but then was cut off by the second girl saying,
“Hush!” She looked at Brooke, then at me, then back at Brooke.
The first girl however, ran directly to Brooke and patted her arm. “What happened?” She asked Jade.
Jade whispered, “Later” and walked Brooke over to one of the beds and began talking to her.
The second girl looked at me. She didn’t say anything but her face obviously showed that she was wondering who I was.
“I’m Piper. This is my first day, I’m new.” I bit my lip as she stared at me.
The first girl, however, walked up to me and gave me a hug. “I’m Rose! Nice to meet you! So, how did you end up getting here?”
I opened my mouth to say something but the second girl cut her off. “Lets wait to talk until after Brooke calms down, that way we can all hear the story.”
I explained what had happened with Brooke and by the time I was finished, Jade had managed to calm Brooke down and they walked over to us.
Jade gave me a smile. “Sorry that happened on your first night here. Did you guys get introduced yet?”
Rose turned and looked at the only girl in the room who’s name I didn’t know. The girl turned towards me and said, “Oops, sorry about that. My name is Carli James and I am 13.”
Rose added, “I’m 13 too!”
Jade nodded, “Same here.”
Brooke looked down at her feet, embarrassed. “I’m eight. I’m the youngest in the entire school.”
I gave her a half smile. “It’s okay, nice to meet you guys. I’m 13, I just had my birthday in June.”
I looked at Jade and told her, “My mom isn’t dead. I don’t know why Miss Gregory said she was.”
Jade sat down on the floor and motioned for us to sit down with her. “Well if she isn’t dead, then how did you get here?”
I took a deep breath and began my story.
* We are seeing her flashback but she is telling the story to the girls.
I put another wet cloth on my mother’s head. “How are you feeling mom?” I asked her concerned.
“Better dear, thank you. I need you do to me a favor. Call your uncle and ask him to come over. I need him to be here, just in case.”
“He lives a few hours away mom, why do you need him to come over?” I asked her confused.
“Just trust me okay? Tell him to pack enough for him to stay a month or so.”
“How do you know he will come mom?”
“He will. trust me, he will. I need someone to take care of me. The doctor said that I will be fine in a few weeks but until then, I need someone to take care of me.”
“But mom,” I said shocked, “I’m taking care of you!”
“Maybe I am wrong but I am very worried about this. You will just have to trust me, I know what I am doing. You will find out soon enough.”
I nodded and quickly looked up my Uncle Drake’s phone number. He had tried to get in the army, after all there was a big war going on, but his hands shook some while trying to shoot and he only had one eye so he was declined.
He agreed to come over without asking any questions which surprised me. He said that he and his wife, Aunt Naomi would be coming over as quickly as they could. I went into my mother’s bedroom to tell my mother the news.
“Good. Now you know how the government told us that everyone had to have an emergency bag in case we had to evacuate because of the war? Get mine out from under the bed and put it in your bedroom. Take out all of my clothes from it and bring them back in here.”
I had realized by now that something strange was going on so I decided to go along with it.
After I did as I was told, I waited for my mom to tell me what to do next. “Piper, go to the kitchen and get some crackers, energy bars, and something else that is non perishable and put it in the bottom of the bag.”
I nodded and did as she asked.
“Now zip it up and put it in your closet.”
No sooner had I put the bag in my closet when there was pounding on the door! Before I was able to answer it though, my mom called me in her room, her voice sounding urgent.
She told me, “What ever happens you have to trust me! You may not understand it but you have to trust me!”
I nodded and then ran to answer the door. When I did, a lady was standing there. Later I found out that her name was Miss Gregory.
“Hello dear, I am assuming that your Piper, am I right?” The lady asked me in a pretend smile. It looked really evil.
“Yes’m, how do you know my name?”
“Dear, do you know who I am?” Then she continued without waiting for my answer. “Piper, I am Miss Gregory from Mrs. Hales Boarding School for Girls. You are coming with me.”
Suddenly my mother called out to me from her bedroom, “Just go Piper.”
Miss Gregory gave an evil looking smile. “Yes Piper, listen to your mother. Go pack a suitcase or two. You have ten minutes.”
“First tell me why I am going.” I demanded.
“Fine, if you insist. Your mother is no longer allowed to take care of you. She is to sick and your father is in the war. So you are going to boarding school for the next two years until your father comes home from the army. Hurry up.”
I stared in shock and for a moment I was unable to move. Then I realized that I only had ten minutes to pack, and that would be all that I had for two years.

I blinked back tears. I never even got to say goodbye to my mom. Miss Gregory made me leave before I had a chance.

The Journey: The Burning Part 1

*Keep in mind, this is a rough draft. Let me now if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, problems, complaints, etc. let me know and I will be happy to hear it. Thank you!!

As we (my brother and I) hid underneath the counter, we listened. The shop was empty, for now. We should try to leave while we still could.

I shift into a position that lets me peek over the counter, and I see the coast is clear. I want to run now, to run while we can, but I have to wait for Patrick to give the order. He is the oldest so I have to listen to him. I was never able to sit still. Justin knows that so surely he won’t make us stay here for long.

I was wrong.

An hour later, we are still under the counter. I gather all of my nerve, and ask, “Isn’t it safe yet?”

In return, I receive a glare. “Hush. Don’t bother me with whining.”

I always hated being the youngest. It was worse for me because he was my legal guardian, so kind of like my foster dad or something like that. I actually have to obey him. But I am done with obedience at the moment. I sit up taller and again, I look over the counter. We are in a bakery shop and it has an open window so I can see out of it.

“Sit down.” Came the order.

I look at his face, and see not anger, (well, slight anger) but fear.

“What is the big deal? Can’t we leave hiding in this shop and go outside. I am sure they are gone now.”

Patrick looks at me like I am a child who doesn’t understand. “Pirates will kill you if they want to. You know that. Do you want to risk getting caught?”

I don’t want it, but suddenly, I am hit with a feeling of overwhelming sadness.

My fear whispers in my head.

“You are alone. you and your brother are alone.”

Patrick sees I am upset. “It’s okay. I am sure the pirates are done raiding.”

That is why we are hiding. Pirates were invading our village and there was nothing we could do but hide. The odds are, the pirates will not come up here to an unimportant store. The last time pirates had invaded our village, it was seven years ago. I was four at the time. They killed my parents.

Tears blurred my vision. Patrick’s voice cut through my sorrow saying, “Why don’t you try to get some rest? It will ease your mind.” He suggests.

Under here? That does not sound appealing but I am so tired so maybe..


I awoke suddenly. I never meant to sleep in the first place. Sleeping had not helped me, instead I was bothered with nightmares. I saw fire. It reminds me of the fire that killed my parents.

Patrick smiles at me. “I think it is safe now.”

I crawl out from under the counter and stand up slowly, stretching my legs. I wait for Patrick as he crawls out slower than I, because he is bigger, and then he stretches.

I don’t know how long I was asleep but it must have been a few hours because it was dark outside. “Prepare for the worst. It just might be time for us to leave this village. We have enough money. We could take a ship and leave this pirate infested area.” Patrick says.

We leave the shop, and head down towards the village, none of us paying much attention to the air until I began to cough. My brother and I look at each other. It was smoke. We run faster, it took us a long time because the shop was miles away from the village. We looked up and saw what we had neglected to see before because it was so dark, smoke. So much smoke, fuming into the air.  Then we see it. A huge brush fire, beginning in our village, and traveling at an alarming rate. The entire village was burned to the ground, but that wasn’t the worst part. It was heading towards us.