Nothing Gold Can Stay – Robert Frost

Nature’s first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

– Robert Frost



Looking in the mirror

Hating what I see

I don’t recognize my own face

Surely that’s not me


So I paint my face with lies

Covering up what’s inside

Hiding my face from the world

Pushing my feelings aside


Trying to make it one more day

Trying to escape my past

I try to hide it away

But it keeps coming back


Getting caught up in old ways

I’m stuck in my own sin

How can I escape it

When my sin comes from within?


I’m fighting every day

Deciding who I want to be

Struggling to find who I am

Should I let my past define me?


It really isn’t fair

This isn’t how I should be

I’m looking in the mirror

But not recognizing what I see

Circle of Hate Poem


What started everything



Saying anything to make the hurting stop



Lips spewing lies



Making my heart heavy



Weighing me down



Hanging my head



Asking for forgiveness



Unable to forget



Never forgetting what happened



Hating myself


How can I expect to be forgiven,

if I can’t forgive myself?

A Happy Poem/Song

You make me feel giddy

Like a child

With you I feel pretty

For a while


I feel like the happiest girl alive

Everything that you do is making me smile


My world feels complete

When I’m next to you

Everything that you say

Everything that you do

I see it in my head

I see it all the time

No matter what I do

You never leave my mind


When things are wrong

You always make them right

Before you came along

I never smiled this bright


I just want you to know

I just thought you should know

That I love you


😀 ❤


I wrote this when I was in a happy mood, it’s actually just a little song I wrote for one of my special friends, but I never would actually be able to show my friend let alone sing it, so I decided to post it on here.

Guilt – A Poem :)

I stand alone in my bedroom behind a closed door

It’s my own fault

The words I promised myself I wouldn’t say

I said

I feel guilt on me like a breezeblock

On my chest

I sat, face buried in my knees, not having the courage to leave

I didn’t

Just in case you were wondering, a breezeblock is sort of like a cinder block. I just liked the word breezeblock better 😀


She hid in her closet

She hated to fight

Shaking like a leaf

She knew this wasn’t right


The yelling scared her

His angry face hurt

She felt so ashamed

She felt like dirt


The closet door opened

She looked up at his face

With tears in her eyes

He sat beside her with grace


He touched her chin,

Still wet with tears,

Her mascara was ruined

Leaving a trail of smears


He used his thumb

To brush them away

And with the gentlest voice

She heard him say


“I love you”