Truth Time

Please read!!!! This might be the most important post I have written!!!!!

Okay, so it is time to tell you guys some things about me. You may not get what this post is about when you first start reading it but just stick with me and No Peeking at the end of the post!!

1. I made this blog so I could let people (even complete strangers) see who I really am. I have a different blog that I made. It is for my friends and family members to read. But it felt awkward for me to let them read any stories or poems I wrote because they knew me, they were related to me and they were my friends. I wanted to see if people who didn’t know me would like the things that I have written. Apparently, people do because I have 20 followers on my blog! Thank you very much for being there for me it means so much!

Okay, so the thing is, I needed a disguise. I needed to make myself seem different then what I actually am. You will see what I mean in just a second.

2. I am not a guy. I am a girl. Some people on here just assumed that I was a guy and I thought that would be perfect! So, sorry about that! I don’t find it awkward or anything that people thought that I was a guy, so don’t feel weird or anything! I was very pleased!

3. I am not an adult, I am a teenager in high school. Near the beginning of High School. I know, I know, *gasp* “she even lied to us about her age!?!?!” But I needed to so people wouldn’t think, well, “her stories are good for a kid” and then treat me like I was a kid or anything.

So please don’t stop following me or being my friend because you know my secret! You liked me before you knew so you should still like me after! And you don’t have to talk to me any differently than you did before!

Please comment and let me know what you think! 😀 *hopeful smile*


Memory Lane

Apparently there is no hope for me, I am going down memory lane. Now I will relive all of the sad memories, the happy memories, the funny ones, the um.. un-funny ones, and the ones that are just plain ironic.

Now I am remembering about a girl.  She was in my youth group, remeber the one I talked about in my other memory? Funny Advice? I remember that girl like I just saw her yesterday. …..

She never believed me when I told her she was pretty. She was just a regular teenager, but for some reason, I liked her. I remember that I wanted to be just like her. I really looked up to her, though, I would never tell her that. 🙂

She liked to wear jeans and a tee-shirt. I thought she looked like a model.

She had glasses. To me, it just made her beautiful eyes stand out. (In a good way)

She was athletic. I thought she was WAY better and faster than any super hero.

There were other things like her hair, height, sense of humor, the list could go on, and on. The point is, I really liked her.

The problem was, she wasn’t such a big fan of me.

But that’s life for you.

Funny Advice

Ah. A memory from my youth.

One night at my youth group, I was picking a fight with a girl twice my size and almost three years older than me. One of the guys, he is 19 so he is almost out of the youth group, pulls me aside and tries to reason with me that this is not  one of my best ideas. The dialogue pretty much went like this.

Him, “Listen, you should just let it go!”

Me, “But-”

Him, “No, no, listen to me. I am telling you now that she can beat the crap out of you.” I never use that word but he said it in such a funny way that I forgave him for saying it.

Me, “You don’t understand!”

Him, trying to bribe me into behaving, “Listen, I am going to be a youth helper soon so if-”

Me, “Oh shush!”

Him, “Did you just shush me?!?!? I just said that I was going to be be a helper in the youth group soon!”

This is a true story guys. 🙂

Me, “Um, no! You don’t get it! She licked me!” Literally, she licked my hand with her tongue. I have no idea why.

Him, “Wait, she licked you! That is so wrong!”

Me, “I know! That was what I was trying to tell you!”

We walk inside the building.

To this day, she still hates me. So sad. 😦