I’m Too Easily Influenced

Every night, I lie in bed and make up fantasies in my head. Sometimes, they turn into stories that I eventually write down. Others continually stay in my head and I make it into a little series, movie, or book, but just in my head. I have literally had a series going on in my head for several years straight. However, over time, I’ve put that series on that little shelf in my head and started a new series. My problem is that I am too easily influenced. My head creation can have changes, either major or minor, that effect my story based on other stories. For example, if I am watching a show where everyone talks with a british accent, then the characters in my head all suddenly talk british, even if they live in australia! Or if I watch a show with an actor that I really like, then my main character turns into that person. Most everything about her stays the same, except she looks like that person.

Another thing that I have noticed, is that a good majority of the stories in my head are based off of something else. When I was much younger, it was based on my favorite book series, “Encyclopedia Brown.” Another little adventure series was “The Justice League.” As I got older, those slowly went away. While I have had some originals, I seem to just find something that I love and make a spinoff series! Strange. 🙂



One response to “I’m Too Easily Influenced

  1. there are very few original stories. What do people do? They live, they die, they love, they face adversity and fail or triumph. It’s the people you create and their surroundings that make it magical.

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