So today in school, we were assigned too write a sonnet. I thought that maybe it would be cool to post it on here! I hope that you guys like it!


It’s Him I love so much that I could cry

It makes me glad to know that He is mine

For me, He loved so much that He did die

And now I know for sure that I am thine

For Him, I live my life, for I am His

My life is not my own, He paid the price

I gave it all to Him that I may live,

He gave himself as the blood sacrifice

Oh beautiful father, how I love Thee

With Him I know I’ll live forever more

His mercy has saved me, it sets me free

Can’t wait ‘till I see what He has in store

Jesus, my savior, He’s what sets me free

Jesus, my Savior, He’s inside of me


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