Starving Children

Starving Kid This is so sad, I don’t where this is, or who this child is, but I found the picture on a Tumblr blog and it’s heartbreaking. 😦 It kind of makes all of the “problems” that I have seem unimportant.


7 responses to “Starving Children

  1. It is sad, we actually have the ability to feed everyone, but so much of hunger is political and corruption at government levels.

    You can’t save everyone, but you can help one or more. Get a part time job and sponsor a child through Compassion or investigate micro economics.

      • Unfortuntely, no. I can’t mow lawns (I’m kind of short, pushing a lawnmower is hard, I don’t even know how) I don’t like where it snows, here, someof our winter was actually hot, it is every year. No snow, ever! And as for the babysitting, I’ve only babysat twice (loved it) and only one of those times did I get paid, the other time was for charity. I would love to babysit but people don’t hire me, they go for the babysitters that they’ve been using for years.

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