So today in school, we were assigned too write a sonnet. I thought that maybe it would be cool to post it on here! I hope that you guys like it!


It’s Him I love so much that I could cry

It makes me glad to know that He is mine

For me, He loved so much that He did die

And now I know for sure that I am thine

For Him, I live my life, for I am His

My life is not my own, He paid the price

I gave it all to Him that I may live,

He gave himself as the blood sacrifice

Oh beautiful father, how I love Thee

With Him I know I’ll live forever more

His mercy has saved me, it sets me free

Can’t wait ‘till I see what He has in store

Jesus, my savior, He’s what sets me free

Jesus, my Savior, He’s inside of me


Starving Children

Starving Kid This is so sad, I don’t where this is, or who this child is, but I found the picture on a Tumblr blog and it’s heartbreaking. 😦 It kind of makes all of the “problems” that I have seem unimportant.

Disturbing Spam

I got some strange spam comments…

One of them says 705240 and some other numbers and then more numbers at the end. It says, “Really nice style and design and excellent content, nothing at all else we neeed :D” That comment was posted on my Abraham Lincoln post though. I tried looking at the preview of their site (I didn’t click on it, I just scrolled over it to see the preview) and it just kept loading, however, it worked on all of the other blogs. I wasn’t sure what the commenter meant, and it’s kind of creepy…

However, the most disturbing comment is the one made by a sex date blog. I’m not sure if it is a real person or just a spam comment, but if it was an actual person, please don’t be offended, It’s just creepy for me because it’s sexual and I really don’t do that kind of stuff like, at all, plus, I think that I’m under the legal age .

So yeah, just wondering if anyone else got those weird comments with random numbers in them or a comment from a sex website? It would be creepy if I was the only one getting them…


Have you ever had a teacher that assigns so much homework that your up all night trying to finish it?

The school that I go to is a partial homeschooling school. Like, I go for some subjects and I take others at home. I go to school twice a week and Science is once a week.

So sometimes, my Science teacher assigns soooo much homework! It’s as if she doesn’t think that we have lives outside of school! Here is an example of what a week of school can look like: Read an entire chapter (or Module as it is called in our book) and take notes on the entire chapter, review all of the chapters that we have done so far for our mid-terms that is coming up in a week or two, get our notebook ready for the notebook check that we are going to have in class (it counts as a test grade), and do 26 chapter questions (that have me practically pulling my hair out!)

That was one of our worst weeks. I know that maybe to some of you, that doesn’t look like a whole lot, but I have other classes! On top of that I have Tae-kwon-do and I go to church each or those several times a week. My family is so busy sometimes that it’s hard to get all of that homework done! Not to mention that I also have a hamster that loves me very much but demands attention at the worst possible moments (like 3:00 in the morning!)

I’m starting to think that I am going to need an entire category just for my rants…

Anyways, that is one of the reasons why I don’t get to post on this blog very often. :\