NaNoWriMo Practice Day 2

First, I realize that I forgot to give you the website to NaNoWriMo. 🙂

Now I want to tell you guys something…. That you probably wouldn’t expect. Okay, so on YouTube, for some strange reason, a tv show called Different Strokes was suggested to me. I looked did my research (read YouTube comments) and I found out that it was an old tv show. I watched a little of it just trying to figure out what shows my parents watched in their time and I saw the most adorable little boy!!! 😀 Arnold (Gary Coleman) was the cutest little kid that I had ever seen in my entire life!! I watched several episodes and just absolutely fell in love with show AND Gary Coleman! But then by reading comments, I discovered that he was dead! I was absolutely heartbroken!! Then by reading more comments, I discovered that he sued his parents because they spent all of his money. Also, the girl that played Kimberly, and correct me if I’m wrong, got on drugs. All very tragic.

Then I discovered the show called The Facts of Life! It was a spin-off show starring the housekeeper! Miss. Garrett I believe. Well, you guessed it, I fell in love with that show too.

So, long story short, those are my two favorite shows! It seems impossible but it isn’t. So all of you adults out there that knows about this show understand the awesomeness of it. I just don’t understand how I like these shows, but I do. Much better than some of those shows that they have on tv now. But my problem is going to be when the kids at school ask me what my favorite tv show is?  They won’t know what I’m talking about! 😉

Let me know if you watch/watched any of these shows before!!! 🙂


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