New Story

Okay, so I know that I haven’t written in my story for a long time and I have decided that I am leaving it. I am writing a new one that I like tons more!!!! πŸ˜€ Hope you guys like it, here are the characters and some other information! πŸ˜€

So, the book is about this girl who lost her mom. She is sent to a strict boarding school against her will. She doesn’t believe that her mom is dead though, but she does think that something bad happened to her. Her father is in the army and he doesn’t know what has happened yet and she doesn’t want to tell him until she figures out what she should do. The 1st chapter has all the info for the story like the boarding school rules and stuff. Enjoy!

I might edit this a little later in the story if I realize that I left something important out of it.

The Rules:
1) Everyone has to be in their dorm room at 9:00 pm. The only exception is if a student is given an assignment by a teacher.
2) Lights out is at 9:20. This just means all of the lights have to be out except for the regulation lamp in the bathrooms connected to the dorm rooms which must remain on all night.
3) Everyone MUST be in their beds at 9:22. Anyone not in bed will be dealt with the following morning.
4) Everyone must be in dress code by 7:20 am. You may not get out of dress code until 8:00 except for the exception of science labs, PE, and some work stations.
5) Beds must be made every morning either before or after breakfast as long as it is done before the 1st morning class.
6) No one talks about leaving the boarding school.
7) No one is allowed outside of school grounds. Ever.
8) The only way you are allowed to leave the school once you have been accepted into it is if someone related to you that is over the age of 18 gets you out. If you are 16 and under, your relative that takes you out of the school must be at least 18 years of age. If you are 17, 18, or 19 then the person that withdraws you from the school must be 25 years of age. No exceptions.
9) You are not allowed to leave the school without someone that is at the correct age withdrawing you until your Twentieth birthday.

This boarding school does not allow students to go home in the summer.

Main Character:
Piper Grace Shunning (She is the only character that I have that I am letting you know her middle name)
Mom’s name is Grace Shunning
Dad’s name is Isaiah Shunning
She is an only child
Is very athletic and she is a tomboy. She can’t tell her that something has happened to her mother because she is worried that he will freak out and he still has to stay in the army for two more years. She can’t wait for him to come because then she won’t have to stay in the boarding school anymore. She suspects something is off about the school but she doesn’t know what.

Supporting Characters but are still main. Not in order of importance except for the first one:
Rose Hollister (Yeah, her last name is a store name but it was really cool!)
We don’t know her parents names because they are not important to the story.
She had an older sister who would now be 18 and legally old enough to take care of Rose but she ran away at age 17. Rose still hopes that her sister will come back for her and save her from the boarding school.
Rose isn’t a girly-girl but she isn’t a tomboy either. She is always willing to try new things.

Brooke Selders
Sent here because her parents wanted to get rid of her. She is always nervous and always follows the rules to the letter because she is terrified of getting in trouble. Sometimes Piper is a little to harsh with her but she never means to be. She likes Jade a lot and she looks up to her. Brooke is 9 but she has the innocence of a six year old. She was put in a room with all 13 year-olds because the school wanted older girls to look after her. Jade requested that Brooke be put in their room because she feels like it is her responsibility to make sure she is protected.
The girls call her Brookie and everybody in the school is usually very kind to her because she is the youngest in the school.

Carli James
She is the most daredevil girl in school. She is sneaky and skinny. She is tall for her age and she has lived in the boarding school since she was 10 years old. No one knows what happened to her parents.
Her sister is Miranda.

Jade Wilcons
13, her birthday is in 1 month.
Her mom and dad both joined the army forcing her to go to boarding school. She is the sweetest girl in boarding school and she helps everyone. She is Brooke’s favorite. She always looks out for Brooke and often makes a lot of sacrifices for her.

Every chapter or almost every chapter is written from Piper’s point of view seeing as she is the main character.

All of those girls share a room/dorm. Jade is the oldest girl in their group.

Everyone wants to leave the boarding school but none are allowed to talk about it.


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