Funny Quotes and Pictures

  • I really wish that you could Google everything. Then you could Google, “Where is my phone?” and Google would be like, “It’s under your pillow dumbo!”
  • Did I type a wrong letter in my password? Better erase it all and start again!

Let me tell you what that says because I know that the print is small.

First box:  When your watching a video “lol”

Second box: Showing friends “Hold on it gets better!”


Trapped-Chapter 3

Carli cocked her head to the side. “But in your story, you said that your mother said that the doctor said that your mom would be all right in a couple of weeks! So why did Miss Gregory say that she wouldn’t be able to take care of you anymore?”

“I. I. I don’t know. I can’t figure that part out!”

We sat quietly for a few moments trying to figure it out.

Jade broke the silence first by saying, “We have to get busy now.”

Jade stood up and then gave her hand to Brooke and helped her up. Jade stepped over to her bed and began feeling around her mattress. I looked at Rose. “What’s she doing?”

“She’s looking for our secret-”

“Rose!” Carli snapped. “Don’t be a blabbermouth.”

Rose blushed. “I didn’t mean to. I mean, I just thought that. I mean, I was just thinking that-”

“I’m not looking for anything; I’m just trying to smooth out my bed. Miss Gregory came in here and our room is not in the best shape right now.” Jade said gesturing around the room “Our beds are sloppily made, our suitcases are sticking out from under our beds, and someone knocked the lamp cover off of the lamp and onto the floor. Guess what? It’s still there! If she hadn’t been so distracted with Brooke, then we would have been in big trouble. We have got to be more careful! We don’t want a repeat of last month do we?”

I watched as everyone shook their heads.

“What happened last month?” I asked

They all looked around at each other. Then Rose said, “We were breaking a rule and um.. Our room looked un-satisfactory and they punished Jade as an example to us. She had to spend the day in the basement working.”

“Oh.” I said.

“yeah…” It was silent for a moment.

Then Jade said, “So, shall we clean now?”

Everyone scrambled to get to work. I asked, “What should I do Jade?”

Jade thought for a moment before saying, “You should un-pack. That bed is yours over there.” She pointed to a bed that was almost right beside another bed. It was about a foot or so away from that bed. I walked over to it and began un packing my first suitcase. The bed had four small cubbies attached to it, so I assumed they were mine. I was putting some of my clothes in the cubby when Jade told me,

“You won’t need those clothes so much, we have a uniform.”

I stared at Jade and asked her, “How come you aren’t wearing a uniform?”

“That’s because I was working. At my work station.”

“Oh.” I replied. “But I will need some of them?”

Yes, I just meant that you won’t need them to much. You may not even need to change for your work station.”

I nodded. “So, what is a work station?”

Jade was about to answer, but we were interrupted by a scream.

“Brooke!” Jade yelled running towards across the room and into a room that was apparently a bathroom.

I followed her and nearly ran into her when she stopped in the doorway. I peered around her shoulder and gasped. There was a guy in the closet of the bathroom.