Alphabet Poem

So, I was trying to figure out what to write today and I remembered how I wanted to write a poem every week. Well, all of you guys probably know how that turned out. But now that I have more time and their is somewhat less “drama” in my life I am going to try it again. I am doing the whole alphabet so it is going to sound a little weird. (<>) Here it goes!

Adam was washing his car when

Behind him, he heard his

Cat meowing loudly!

Derick was the cat’s name.

Every day at 11:00, the cat meowed asking to be

Fed his lunch.

Greg, Adam’s brother, was supposed to feed him but

He always seemed to “forget”

It wasn’t fair having to do all of the work,

Just because Adam was to nice to let the cat starve.

Karl, his other pet, (who was a dog ,Adam was a dog person)

Loved Adam very much and

Much to Adam’s dismay, followed him everywhere.

Once, he followed him to school, and

Pushed down one of the kids, it was

Quite funny actually,

Really quite funny.

Still, he was a nusense.

Though his dog was annoying, Adam loved him and he always would

Until the day he died.

Very much, Adam loved Karl.

With all of his heart.

Xcept that one moment when Karl

Yelped in Adam’s ear when he was sleeping.



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