A Poem

I want to write a poem,

but I’m not sure if I can.

My poems hardly rhyme

and I repeat all of the words.


But isn’t there,

a special type of poem?

One where there is no rhyming

that is required?


What is it called,

this special poem?

The one where no rhyming is required

for it to be called a poem?


Free Verse,

that is what it is called.

The poem where there is no rhyming

that is required.


But is it supposed to be sincere

this Free Verse poem?

Is it allowed to be insincere

and silly?


It’s to late now,

to change the poem.

I have put in to much time

and thinking to stop and change.


Now it is getting to long,

so it is time to stop.

I am getting bored,

and I’m sure you are too.


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