Funny Advice

Ah. A memory from my youth.

One night at my youth group, I was picking a fight with a girl twice my size and almost three years older than me. One of the guys, he is 19 so he is almost out of the youth group, pulls me aside and tries to reason with me that this is not  one of my best ideas. The dialogue pretty much went like this.

Him, “Listen, you should just let it go!”

Me, “But-”

Him, “No, no, listen to me. I am telling you now that she can beat the crap out of you.” I never use that word but he said it in such a funny way that I forgave him for saying it.

Me, “You don’t understand!”

Him, trying to bribe me into behaving, “Listen, I am going to be a youth helper soon so if-”

Me, “Oh shush!”

Him, “Did you just shush me?!?!? I just said that I was going to be be a helper in the youth group soon!”

This is a true story guys. 🙂

Me, “Um, no! You don’t get it! She licked me!” Literally, she licked my hand with her tongue. I have no idea why.

Him, “Wait, she licked you! That is so wrong!”

Me, “I know! That was what I was trying to tell you!”

We walk inside the building.

To this day, she still hates me. So sad. 😦



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