Very important to know just in case you are ever in a situation like this one. 🙂

Bullet in a Maelstrom

The SATs!
My preparation for the SATs resulted in my first significant encounter with a scientific calculator. And it was a comic first date!
Studying in the Indian system of education, my use (and knowledge thereof) of a scientific calculator was limited, as we Indians prefer to calculate every thing in our heads. So the first time I used a scientific calculator in its true self was when I answered a mock SAT test at a popular SAT coaching centre. After unwrapping the brand new gadget from its box, I quickly put it to use, in order to calculate a long expression involving decimals. And too my horror, the answered was in fractional form! The scheming little devil! To add to this, all the answer choices were in decimal form. My date had trapped me! A cold sweat broke onto my forehead as I couldn’t perceive the thought of getting…

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