I Am Me

I Am Me

I am kind

I am smart

I am a smiler

I am funny (kind of)

I am perfect just the way I am.

I am always thankful

I am fun to be with

I am cheerful

I am a reader

I am me


6 responses to “I Am Me

    • Oops! Sorry I am just now responding! I forgot to reply! Sometimes, I literally only have a few seconds before I have to leave some place and I get on my blog to see if anything new has happened, look at whatever new has happened and then get off my computer. When I do that, sometimes it takes a while for me to respond to people because I forgot that they responded in the first place! 🙂
      Thank you for commenting!!
      And I think it is funny that I was following your husbands blog, then I found your blog (It might have been from his blog) but I still did not know that you were married. Then later when reading your blog, I found out that you were husband and wife! I had a good laugh out of that. 🙂 And just in case you were thinking this, yes, I am a bit crazy. 😛

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